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How matching works

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What are the functionalities

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What platforms can do for you

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Create Connections –
by intelligent Matching

CHEMISTREE is your partner whenever the professional and personal chemistry is crucial for the success of tandems and teams: Our highly efficient algorithm-based matching creates relationships of particular quality and impact – scientifically sound, tried and tested a thousand times and always precisely tailored to your project.

Develop Personnel & Organisation

Bringing together employees based on context and needs:


Job Insights


Scaling Tailored Mentoring

Recognize individual potential and develop it as required:



Building Competence

Organise Effective Events

Offer optimal experiences and establish permanent communities:


Trade Fairs

Major Events

Design Active Networks

Mobilise members and purposefully link them, virtually and on site:





Algorithm-based matching sounds abstract – but it is of very specific use:

Raise Potential

Connecting people professionally and personally in the best possible way and utilising the potential of their cooperation to the maximum

Manage Complexity

Matching large and changing groups of participants under changing aspects in a targeted and needs-based manner

Intercept increasing numbers, complexity and frequency through digitised, automated processes

Increase efficiency

Digitise and automate manual participant management and tandem formation

Assure Quality

Meet the requirements of future EU guidelines on the trustworthiness of algorithm and AI-based applications

Built-in Trust

What we do – and don’t do – when we responsibly handle participant data. How we work with our clients in order to promise real transparency and decision-making autonomy.


Our self-commitment to a transparent process, ethically designed algorithms and the unrestricted self-determination and data sovereignty of participants

Codex Details


Our pro-acitve contribution to excellent and trustworthy human-centered IT applications: We are a consortium partner in the AI Experimentation Space KIDD – AI in the Service of Diversity

KIDD Details

Convinced Participants

Easy and Anywhere

Web browser and mailbox – that’s all it takes to join. No installation required, no location or system-specific access … it’s very easy!

The possibilities are almost limitless

The CHEMISTREE effect: meeting people you have ‘chemistry’ with beyond all content and discussion topics. Only THESE factors guarantee optimal starting conditions for productive and stable cooperation that is viewed positively … as proven by our joint study on tandem quality with Ludwig Maximilian University Munich.

The CHEMISTREE web application on various end devices

… and clients

Participant data is collected and managed digitally, saving you valuable time. You have more time and scope to activate and expand your participation groups … without dramatically adding to your workload with the increasing number of participants.

Roles and rights as and when you need them

If there are several project participants, you control who is – and isn’t – allowed to do what. Access to personal data can also be regulated. To a minimum, if the internal approval depends on it.

As order processor, we ensure that we collect and handle your participants’ data in accordance with the legal requirements for data protection. We do our utmost to guarantee this.

Powerful Possibilities: Organiser Functions

Manage participants, evaluate matches – and create them, post content, send news, control authorisations, … the tailor-made organiser role gives you all the functionality for your matching platform.

The platform is scaleable and adaptable to your plans: Participants can be matched under other aspects or new information can be requested depending on the occasion. All options are open to you – with one and the same matching platform.

CHEMISTREE is your quality promise to participants: a distortion-free, transparent, psychologically founded, preference-based matching process. Delivering professionally and personally harmonious matches.

The best proof: our customers

CHEMISTREE customers and their cases


15 years of pioneering for female scientists: SelmaMeyerMentoring

Equal opportunities, development of potential and networking of young scientists - this is what the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is working towards with its SelmaMeyerMentoring. For 15 years, the program has been supporting young scientists in recognizing key...

German Excellence Award for Deutsche Bahn’s Leadership Sparring

Deutsche Bahn's leadership sparring program wins the German Excellence Award 2022 in the Strategy, Transformation & New Work category! Reason for us at CHEMISTREE to be very happy: Linking the sparring tandems as well as the entire digital process around it happen...

herCAREER 2021: Matching powered by CHEMISTREE

How does it feel to attend a trade fair after a year's abstinence? Amazing!!! 230 exhibitors, 450 experts and 3,500 visitors will have felt the same way we did at herCAREER. After being put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic, this September finally gave people the...