Experience our matching

Put yourself into the shoes of a participant and be matched with one of the CHEMISTREE team members

GDPR-compliant Process

We collect, store and process participant data in accordance with GDPR requirements. Our external data protection officer is a sparring partner and a vigilant authority for all data protection aspects.

ISO-certified Hosting

A German company certified according to ISO-27001 is responsible for storing the data and operating the data center. This guarantees the highest technical and organisational measures to protect participant data.

Data Processing on your Behalf

YOU own all data – WE, as your data processor, have clear responsibilities, which are regulated in a corresponding order processing contract.

Visibility Differentiated

Far from all data that is collected from participants is meant to be seen by everybody. Depending on the criticality, data is only visible for certain roles … or not. Any visibility of their information is always transparent to the participants.

Encrypted Transmission, Pseudonymised Storage

Participant information in online questionnaires is transmitted via SSL encryption and stored in the database in pseudonymised form. A direct correlation to an individual participant is therefore impossible.

Constantly put to the Test

In order to pass corporate audit committees’ standards for data protection and IT security, we regularly and intensively confront ourselves with the requirements and circumstances – up to and including pen tests. We have been successfully tested and approved by various DAX companies.

Built-in Trust

We want to set standards with our matching process – from a qualitative and ethical point of view ! The CHEMISTREE Codex froms the basis for our own moral standards with which we develop, design, code… It is both a commitment and a promise to our users:


Our matching algorithm is not a ‘black box’: We carefully define the underlying criteria and their impact on the matching process together with our clients. We make it transparent to participants which data is requested for what purpose and what matches are based on.


Our matching algorithm maintains neutrality: When we collaboratively design the questionnaire, we think about the perspectives of all those involved in order to avoid bias – in other words, to match participants neutrally and free of pre-determinations and filter ‘bubbles’.


Participants define the preferred characteristics of their match in a self-determined manner, instead of being matched across the board according to the “like with like” principle. Only the information deliberately made available for the matching, no other data from online profiles or similar, is used.

Algorithms & AI

With great power comes great responsibility (Spiderman)

We believe that especially when it comes to superpowers, moral responsibility is particularly important. The more algorithm-based software intervenes in our lives, the more indispensable it is to judge it according to ethical as well as technical standards. This only works if it is made transparent during its development and is conceived from different perspectives. As long as it is a ‘black box’ guarded by development departments and works according to decision-making patterns of a few participants, it will display the same errors and weaknesses as the underlying human decisions. The question is therefore not (any longer) IF algorithm-based applications are needed – it is about WHICH ethical standards are needed in the development of algorithms and self-learning AI so that they work in the interests of EVERYONE.

With CHEMISTREE, Rosmarie Steininger has forged her own path to responsible, people-centered AI. It is her mission to inform public opinion beyond in-house corporate practice and industry sectors, raise awareness and literally do educational work. For what is needed is an open, critical and, above all, universally comprehensible (!) exchange about the functionality and side effects of algorithm-controlled software – instead of media scare tactics and corporate secrecy. To this end, Rosmarie Steininger is involved in a variety of socio-political projects:

The AI Standardisation Roadmap is financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology