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Excellence and trust are the benchmarks for our work the results we deliver: In order to achieve excellent results for our clients, everyone at CHEMISTREE must be able to play their role in the best possible way. Often this is not what you have always done or what you were initially trained for, and that’s why anything is possible with us: a psychologist who is a programmer now or an event manager who is the product owner … We believe that what you are good at (strengths) and what you like to do (preferences) is pivotal and we are convinced that it is these different perspectives and approaches in our work that bring about change.

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Rosmarie Steininger I Founder and Managing Director

It may be partially due to my own biography – I find it very hard to bear if talent remains untapped and opportunities are not seized because they are not obvious. My own education, a ‘continuation education’ and CV are testament to what is possible when potential is discovered and harnessed. Nothing is more powerful and opens up more opportunities than meeting the right person at the right time.

Before and during my studies I gained insights into polar opposite worlds: Growing up on a hop farm in the Hallertau region of southern Germany and interning at Deutsche Bank, a background in small business and a work placement at Siemens, The House of Commons and Roland Berger. Following on from there, I worked at the BMW Group for eight years – I developed algorithms, managed projects and created change. In 2011 I started working at the BMW Group Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation and in 2014 I became Deputy Managing Director of Strategy and Finance and was responsible for the integration process with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. The one thing that had the most lasting influence on me during this time provided the inspiration for founding CHEMISTREE in 2017: Relationships between people!

I believe that the most interesting things happen when people from differing backgrounds and walks of life come together and have meaningful exchanges. Such encounters don’t tend to happen by chance. They can be created and tailor-made – that’s what CHEMISTREE wants to achieve.