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Tailor-made Contacts

Wether in networks, in companies, organisations or at events: to meet the right people in business you almost always have to rely on your own skills and be in the right place at the right time. Wouldn’t YOU like to meet the right people instantly with whom you can connect on issues that are important to you and who are on the same wavelength?! With CHEMISTREE’s algorithm-based matching, you can create tailor-made connections with purpose.

Tailor-made relationships - by intelligent matching

It works! What participants say

As different as the context and goals in matching are, it always makes the noticeable difference:

For me, the individual matching at AUFSTEIBER is a real ‘perfect match’. The mentees’ needs are met and in turn, we mentors get to know exciting people and learn new perspectives. On top of that, there is real chemistry between all the personalities! That way, the mentoring is a real enrichment for both sides.


My mentor match was really perfect – both from a human and a professional point of view. Our regular telephone exchanges were invaluable to me and pointed the way for my own professional decisions. I am really impressed and highly recommend mentoring to young, upcoming female scientists.

Samira Salem I Mentee at SelmaMeyerMentoring

I’ve never had such a cool application process: Just filled out the herCAREER JobMatch questionnaire – shortly afterwards I had my match! And shortly after that: My new employment contract! At a company that is exactly what I was looking for and which I would probably never have come across without the job matching. After a very short time I had the feeling of ‘belonging’. Now, 6 months later, I am completely convinced that the chemistry is absolutely right!

Marion Koch I User herCAREER JobMatch

Networking is a big bonus. My Buddy can tell me everything and we also talk about personal things. A casual, yet professional and really motivating get-together of colleagues. I’m getting to know other areas of the company and am looking forward to meeting these people in real life.

Participant Q_Buddy Program at Q_PERIOR AG


Mentoring at AUFSTEIGER brought me together with my mentor and was THE game changer for me: both for my professional advancement and on a personal and human level.

Janine Mayer I Mentee at AUFSTEIGER

The AI matchmaking at DLD Conference was a fantastic experience. I talked to a fellow digital expert and we had a lot in common. What a wonderful way to compensate for the random encounters at conferences (and life!) we all miss.

Jasna Suhadolc I DLD 2021Participant

For me, the matching was a brilliant idea to optimally prepare my visit to the trade fair and to make contacts before the event – modern and uncomplicated! For example, I was able to write to a great guest speaker ahead of the event. When we met for the first time in person at the fair, there was already a personal connection!

Elisa Garino I Visitor at herCAREER 2021

The Way to the Perfect Match

For participants, the matching means using an uncomplicated, appealing web application. The sophisticated process behind it is hardly noticeable – the results are all the more impressive: individually tailored, mutually beneficial encounters, either digitally or in real life!


Users register at CHEMISTREE in a two-stage, GDPR-compliant process. Or, after having registered e.g. in the member area or intranet, they are elegantly logged into the system via single sign-on. As the client, you decide whether it is open to all or restrictive, only for selected participants.

Login mask - Example herCAREER

Online Platform

The entry page to the matching platform is designed based on your project: you are forwarded to the questionnaires with their individual status, presented with the latest news and new community members. You can also find all the content there that you want to give your participants right at the beginning – such as guidelines, explanatory videos, etc.

Landing page - Example female.vision

Online Questionnaire

Participants enter any relevant professional or personal information into an online questionnaire. The questionnaires are highly sophisticated: decision branches (if – then – otherwise), differentiable visibility of information, referencing of answers from other questionnaires, … even the most complex content is presented in a user-friendly format. Important: When filling out the form, it is absolutely transparent to the participants what is being asked for, for what purposes and for may see it.

Online questionnaire - Example

Personal Profile

In addition to matching, the responses to the questionnaire also feed into the participants’ visible profile. Answers are project specific and appear (or not) dynamically. Add a photo and, if needed, link to your own social media profiles – it takes not time at all to create a personal participant profile on the platform.

Profile view - Example

Matching Suggestions

Eagerly anticipated: every individual match! After a matching run, a tailor-made match will be suggested to participants via a coordinated process. A glance at their personal profile will give a first impression. The detailed comparison of the matching criteria for each tandem is testament to of the accuracy of fit. This strengthens trust in the objective quality of the matches and encouranges establishing contact with one another.

Individual Matching Suggestion

Matching Feedback

The design of your project will decide whether participants can actively confirm their proposed match or whether they can veto it giving justified reasons. If feedback is possible, visibility and notification of the tandem can be linked to it. This is reassuring for the participants: Their wishes are crucial – before and after the tandem is created!

Feedback on proposed match

Content & News

Participants receive all information and content relating to their project, as news and on the platform’s content pages. In order to target and address all or only certain groups of participants any segments can be created – and addressed – based on the questionnaire information. You can also embed external tools or web content. The matching platform becomes the central content hub for your participants.
News and Content - Example


Any event, ranging from a one-to-one tandem meeting to a mega event of the entire community, can be set up and managed as part of the platform. Our partner Techcast can support you to perfectly stage and seamlessly integrate events. Whether real, hybrid or digital: Your participants experience personal encounters as effectively as possible.
Events within the platform


In addition to their individual matches, participants can make new contacts on their own within certain groups or the entire group of participants. How and with whom, YOU decide on a conceptual level. Free networking is just as much a part of the platform as targeted matching.

Community and Networking - Example CHEMISTREE